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What I did on my day off

I love photography!  Until about five years ago, it was my sole source of income for almost 30 years.  (if you are curious about my other job, head on over to  For about a quarter of a century, I ate, drank and slept photography.  I didn’t look at a romance novel without noticing how the couple was posed, and how they were lit.  I didn’t watch a movie without noticing the lighting.  I didn’t look at your face without doing what is called a facial analysis, to see which side would be best to photograph from.  I studied, I took classes, and I took photographs.  Lots and lots of photographs.  I’ve tried to estimate how many weddings I’ve done.  It numbers in the 1000s.  I still LOVE weddings.

It still energizes me to photograph a wedding, I still approach every wedding with a sense of excitement, and I leave with anticipation, knowing I get to go to my office and process the images.

But I learned years ago the value of a day off, even if I love what I do for a living.  So  yesterday I took off in my convertible with my fiance and a picnic lunch and a camera and we went on a road trip to Daffodil Hill.  It was warm and beautiful and the daffys were proudly sticking their little heads up into the sun.  I took a zillion photos of those daffys, and got dirty kneeling down to get just the right angle, and got a nice little sunburn on my face.

And, even though this is primarily a wedding and portrait photography site, I thought you might like to see what I do for play, so here are some of the daffy photos I took yesterday!

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