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Site visit!

Whenever I am called upon to go someplace new for a wedding, I like to do a site visit before the actual day.  Site visits help me vision for composition, and find little nooks and crannys that will make awesome back drops for bride and groom portraits.  Sometimes, as in this case, the bride wanted my feedback on where to hold the actual ceremony.  She already had her venue selected:  a wonderful property just outside Genoa, Nevada, where she keeps her horses.  The owner has graciously allowed her to use the property for her wedding.  It’s a big place, featuring lots of old trees, grassy areas, the wonderful house in which the owner lives, and awesome views!  We wandered around the place a bit, with me taking snapshots (photos taken with an consumer level camera and no supplemental lighting – as opposed to professionally lit photos with my professional gear) so she could see the possibilities.  There were places I found that will work wonderfully for the posed shots, and she found her ideal spot for the ceremony.  She is going to ride her horse in to the ceremony, so we had to take that into consideration.  While doing weddings at Tahoe never gets old, I really love doing weddings in rural Nevada!  I don’t know of any other place where a bride can get married on a property that features a house which is on the Historic Register, and where she can ride her horse in to the ceremony.

Here’s a couple of shots from the site visit:

This was a possibility for the ceremony.  I really liked it because of the three trees in the background.  Annette liked it too, and we will do some portraits here, but she liked another area better. This is the porch of the house.  I can’t wait to do porch photos!  A porch with open sides and an overhang like this is a photographer’s dream:  natural light gently wraps around the subjects placed on the porch, this beautiful light, coupled with the compositional lines of the porch, rail and roof, will make for some dynamic photos!This is it:  the site!  She liked it because of the tree making sort of a natural arch, the accessibility from the road for her and her horse, and the nearby place with a patio for her guests to stand.  They will get married on the grass, which is what they wanted!

This is the area where the guest will gather to watch the ceremony.

This is just one of the views from this site.  That’s the town of Genoa, Nevada in the background.

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