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I love doing family portraits for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the most important one is that I love people!  And with families, at least the ones I have the pleasure of photographing, I love watching the family unit together.  They play, laugh, and just generally enjoy one another’s company.

Sometimes members of the family are contemplative:






Sometimes they are playful:







Sometimes chaotic:








But we still manage to get some nice portraits that will last a lifetime for them, preserving those memories for years to come.



















If you are curious about the location of this session, it is a private area in South Lake Tahoe.  I loved the fall colors we had for our backdrop!




I always enjoy photographing weddings at David Walley’s Resort, it is beautiful no matter what time of day, no matter what time of year.  Randy and Gail wanted things done a bit differently at their wedding and we, as well as the excellent staff at Walley’s, were happy to accomodate them.  Usually weddings are held on the grassy area just south of the buildings, or in the gazebo, but Randy and Gail wanted theirs in the area just below the deli, across the water from the gazebo.  The space was perfect for their intimate group.







They showed up a bit late for their wedding and it was late dusk when the ceremony was held, but I’m still happy with the photos.







Here’s a few of the bride and groom, along with one of the entire group.










Congratulations Randy and Gail!

Venue:  Walley’s Hot Springs Resort

Officiant:  Chapel of the Pines

Hair and Makeup:  Tahoe Wedding Salon

Photography:  Image Angels

So this just happened:  On Monday, Labor Day, I get a call that goes something like this:

Caller: “I don’t know if you will remember this and I’m not even sure you are the photographer who did our wedding but we got married ten years ago and I never ordered photos and our anniversary is coming up and my mom is mad at me because I never ordered any photos and I wonder if we can still do that?”

Me:  “Well, I’m not even sure I photographed it but let’s get some details and we can check.  I can’t guarantee the technology will work after all this time but let’s see.”

Caller:  “We got married in a helicopter!”

Me:  “oh honey, I would have remembered that.  I don’t do well in flying machines.”

Her:  “you didn’t come with us, you met us at the airport and then we went to the Tallac Historic Site for more photos.”

And the memory bank is beginning to light up, and I have a glimmer of something.

So I get her name and other details and this morning (cuz…um….can you say holiday?) pulled out my external hard drive from that time period and VIOLA!  I find the files!

YAY! I love it when it works out like that!

Meet Jill and John:
















Over to the Tallac Historic Site:








Happy Anniversary Jill and John!

I don’t do a lot of family portraits anymore, but when I do….we have fun.  I have a traditional portraiture background.  This means I pose and light people.  But I’ve learned that the unposed, unlit sort of photo sometimes has its place, so now I’ve incorporated that into my repertoire!

This family is a repeat, which is what most of my portrait clients are these days.  I first met them while photographing the wedding of a friend.  They booked me for their first family portrait session eight years ago, and I’m very grateful they remembered me and came back for a second session recently!

We went to Sugar Pine Point State Park for their session, and while it was a bit smoky from all the surrounding fires, it was still a beautiful day.  We did several poses of the entire family, plus shots of each individual kid.














And we played a bit as well.