Anatomy of a commissioned portrait. So…my husband commissioned me to do a portrait of him for a tattoo he wanted. He had a pretty specific vision in mind for it, which of course didn’t match my vision….LOL! So….he good naturedly posed for me to do my thing, then I created what he asked for. Everyone is happy, including the tattoo artist…the incomparable Christine Stark Gibson, who works out of Red Handed Tattoo in Carson City.

At the end of each year I like to go through all the weddings I photographed and pick out a select few of my favorites.  This year’s wedding locations feature Edgewood, Regan Beach, Sand Harbor, Mont Bleu wedding chapel, Logan Shoals Vista Point and several private properties.  I got to photograph weddings at ranches and weddings in forests, weddings with horses and dogs and weddings in the rain, weddings in the snow and weddings in sunny warm weather!  Weddings have a sameness about them, in that the couple gets married.  The similarities stop there.  Each wedding is unique and fun, and I am so grateful to be able to be a part of these special events.

I like to get shots of whatever activity is happening before the wedding.


















Here is an Edgewood wedding.  We did a First Look before the wedding, because the ceremony was scheduled to happen after the sun had set and we wanted to take advantage of the great views at Edgewood.













Sand Harbor. With these two weddings you can get a different idea of the varying moods at Sand Harbor.
























A private ranch in Genoa, Nevada.  Featuring horses, dogs, cows and llamas.





















A private home in South Lake Tahoe.  I have been doing the family portraits of the groom’s family for about 25 years, and I’ve done the high school senior portraits of the daughters in the bride’s family, so doing this wedding was a double blessing!













Another private home in South Lake Tahoe.  This couple was a lot of fun, and probably had the world’s shortest wedding ceremony.  It lasted all of about two minutes!  The beauty of weddings today is that couples can tailor their ceremony to fit their desires and needs.  There was just a light covering of snow on the ground behind the house, and we took advantage of that for photos.














Logan Shoals Vista Point.  An overlook point featuring views of Lake Tahoe, and ease of parking and privacy that you don’t get at Emerald Bay.


















Regan Beach.


















And last but not least, a couple of closing shots:





Believe it or not, there is a portrait season!  It comes twice each year, once in August and once just prior to and during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.   During this time of year, my clients get their portraits done for several reasons:  for gifts, because it is the only time of the year the entire family gets together, and last but not least, to celebrate a special occasion, such as an engagement or an anniversary.  I thought you might like to see some examples of some of my recent portrait work…

Here are some family portraits.  Big families, small families, including pets!  And outtakes, which are always fun!






























And here are some engagement sessions and anniversary sessions, and even a surprise wedding proposal:





















And last but not least, some pet portraits, maternity portraits and individual portraits.  So, if you are planning a visit to, or you live in the Lake Tahoe or Carson Valley areas, call me now to schedule your portrait session!  I’ve got three portrait packages to choose from!

I’ve been asked to teach my lighting class again!  YAY!  I love teaching.  I consider it a win/win sort of thing:  I get to share my knowledge and experience and see the light (no pun intended) blossom in the eyes of photographers who previously were limited as to the kinds of images they could create.  And photographers get to add skills to their tool box, so that they can tell a client:  it does not matter what the lighting conditions are, I can get awesome photos for you!

If you are a photographer who feels limited because you don’t use lighting, then this is the class for you.  You will learn how to get that flash off the camera and how to balance it with the ambient light.  We’ll also cover various light modifiers such as diffusers and reflectors.  Come and spend the day with us:  Tuesday, October 24, from 10-4 pm.  This class will be held in Lake Tahoe, and if you contact me with your phone and email, I will get back to you with registration details and the specific location.  Cost is $99.

When photographers get together on a day off…..

There is almost always still an assortment of gear, mostly in the form of new stuff to play with.  It was no different when my friend and long time second shooter Johnny showed up to my house, bearing gifts.  He brought vegetables from his garden.  Nice.  He brought a drone  NICE!  (I’ve already put my order in with Santa).  He brought a Lunagrip light modifier sold by Westcott and Kevin Kubota…..TRIPLE NICE!

So of course you know we had to set it up, and the animals had to help.







Kitty under the reflectors, checking it out…and helping…of course.






Johnny setting it up….notice kitty emerging from under reflectors in the background.







Beautiful!  Not the best angle for this, and there are some shadows in Johnny’s face that could have been avoided, but you know he had to to have an excuse to get on the ground and love on my dog, who is an ancient old man and gets up only for food and walks and bio breaks.










Most beautiful light pattern EVER on his face!

I borrowed it from him.  I’m bringing it to my next wedding.  I may not ever give it back.   But I think he wants it….so I’ll just get my own…..