I’ve been asked to teach my lighting class again!  YAY!  I love teaching.  I consider it a win/win sort of thing:  I get to share my knowledge and experience and see the light (no pun intended) blossom in the eyes of photographers who previously were limited as to the kinds of images they could create.  And photographers get to add skills to their tool box, so that they can tell a client:  it does not matter what the lighting conditions are, I can get awesome photos for you!

If you are a photographer who feels limited because you don’t use lighting, then this is the class for you.  You will learn how to get that flash off the camera and how to balance it with the ambient light.  We’ll also cover various light modifiers such as diffusers and reflectors.  Come and spend the day with us:  Tuesday, October 24, from 10-4 pm.  This class will be held in Lake Tahoe, and if you contact me with your phone and email, I will get back to you with registration details and the specific location.  Cost is $99.

When photographers get together on a day off…..

There is almost always still an assortment of gear, mostly in the form of new stuff to play with.  It was no different when my friend and long time second shooter Johnny showed up to my house, bearing gifts.  He brought vegetables from his garden.  Nice.  He brought a drone  NICE!  (I’ve already put my order in with Santa).  He brought a Lunagrip light modifier sold by Westcott and Kevin Kubota…..TRIPLE NICE!

So of course you know we had to set it up, and the animals had to help.







Kitty under the reflectors, checking it out…and helping…of course.






Johnny setting it up….notice kitty emerging from under reflectors in the background.







Beautiful!  Not the best angle for this, and there are some shadows in Johnny’s face that could have been avoided, but you know he had to to have an excuse to get on the ground and love on my dog, who is an ancient old man and gets up only for food and walks and bio breaks.










Most beautiful light pattern EVER on his face!

I borrowed it from him.  I’m bringing it to my next wedding.  I may not ever give it back.   But I think he wants it….so I’ll just get my own…..

I’m a bit weird I guess, because I love weddings held in wedding chapels.  Well, I love weddings anywhere, and chapels are no exceptions.  There is plenty of opportunity to get creative in a wedding chapel!  Larry and Angele are a local couple who met through Larry’s oldest daughter.  I like to think things are going to go well when the couple is introduced through one of their children!

The ceremony was performed by Chapel of the Pines

The venue is the wedding chapel at Mont Bleu

After the ceremony we took photos of the greetings and congrats.  Then we got photos of the family, wedding partyand bride and groom.


We are one of the few photographers in the area who will do chapel weddings and still provide quality service, great lighting and posing.  If you are having an intimate wedding, check us out! 

It was a lovely spring day for a backyard wedding for Jennifer and Carlos!  They wanted privacy and intimacy, and they surely got it!  They selected a section of the yard for their ceremony that came complete with a bridged pathway, a meadow, a creek (which was more like a river due to spring runoff) and nice views.  They had only family present, and the weather was perfect!





Our coverage began with some candid moments of the bride getting ready.








Then it was time for the ceremony, so we all walked out to the ceremony site.







After the ceremony was over we did our usual thing:  gently posed photos of different combinations of family, along with shots of the bride and groom.















Congratulations Carlos and Jennifer!

Officiant:  Chapel of the Pines

I am never disappointed when I do a wedding at Edgewood.  The staff is superb, the location is excellent and the views are top notch.  Jesse and Tom’s fall wedding was no different, they were blessed with an absolutely wonderful day!

About 80 people joined them for their wedding on the beach, the temperature was perfect and the lake was just a little ripply from a gentle breeze.

While the bride got ready downstairs, her father paced the lobby.  I love seeing and being able to catch the emotions at weddings.

Sometimes people ask me if I ever get tired of doing weddings.  I can truthfully say that after almost 30 years and 1000’s of weddings, I am still not tired of doing weddings.  Every wedding is different, and the privilege of being able to capture the emotions and activities on these special days is never one that I take lightly.

After the ceremony we did the posed shots with the family and wedding party (which never takes more than about a half hour), then journeyed down the beach a bit and to the pier for shots before heading back to the reception hall for the party.

  Jesse sent me an email after she received her photos, it was short and sweet:  “Thank you again, we love the photos you took!”

I love it.

Venue:  Edgewood Tahoe

Wedding coordination:  Lakefront Weddings

Hair and makeup:  Sara at Angel Touch