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Lofty Heights for this engagement session!

Some things are just meant to be.

Jeanette called me one day and said that Annette, of Tahoe Wedding Salon, was doing  her hair and makeup for her wedding in October at Edgewood.  Annette had referred me (thank you Annette!) for photography, she was coming to town to get a test run on her hair and makeup, and would I be available for an engagement session?

As it turns out, once I found out the groom John’s last name, we discovered I had been doing John’s brother’s family portraits for years!  Once we discovered that connection, and got to talking, we realized it was no accident that I was to be the photographer for their wedding.

As Jeanette and I talked, I realized that she and I are kindred spirits.  We are both, shall we say, mature.  And we both agree that age is not a barrier to fulfilling our dreams and pursuing our passions.  Jeanette’s passion happens to be rock climbing.  As in big mountains of rock, with all those ropes and loops and tie downs and height…lots and lots of height!  I must confess to a bit of a misunderstanding when she told me she didn’t want just any old engagement session, but she wanted to climb a rock in a wedding dress, and she wanted me to take photos of it.  Silly me!  I thought the boulders at Zephyr Cove would work just fine!  No, she was talking serious rock climbing, and suggested a place out near Meyers in Lake Tahoe that turned out to be perfect.  She had a definite vision, and I was more than happy to help her with that!

She wanted to climb the mountain in her wedding gown and go and retrieve her veil.   So, the first step was to place the veil.  Then climb back down the moutain, put on the wedding gown, check all the ropes, and then climb back up.  John was support staff for this adventure, and he did his job very well!

When it was all done, Jeanette wanted to climb the mountain again, just for the sheer joy of it.

Oh, and did I mention?  She has 8 grandkids!

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