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Lindsay and Shayne

I was honored and quite pleased when Lindsay basically told me it was a no brainer that I do her wedding.  See, we have a bit of history.  I’ve been neighbors with the Blue Angel Cafe for almost 20 years, I do a lot of weddings there, and Lindsay and her sister both work there.  We talked, and she decided to have me do both the wedding ceremony and the photography.  No, I haven’t yet learned to clone myself, and I don’t believe in carrying a camera slung over my shoulder and stopping the ceremony to take a few snap shots.  I got my friend and fellow photographer Laura Tenney to take the ceremony shots.  Thank you Laura!  And thank you Lindsay and Shane for allowing me to participate in your special day!

They got married at Regan Beach.  Aren’t those clouds just perfect?  And of course they did their reception at the Blue Angel.

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