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Lighting Class!

I’ve been asked to teach my lighting class again!  YAY!  I love teaching.  I consider it a win/win sort of thing:  I get to share my knowledge and experience and see the light (no pun intended) blossom in the eyes of photographers who previously were limited as to the kinds of images they could create.  And photographers get to add skills to their tool box, so that they can tell a client:  it does not matter what the lighting conditions are, I can get awesome photos for you!

If you are a photographer who feels limited because you don’t use lighting, then this is the class for you.  You will learn how to get that flash off the camera and how to balance it with the ambient light.  We’ll also cover various light modifiers such as diffusers and reflectors.  Come and spend the day with us:  Tuesday, October 24, from 10-4 pm.  This class will be held in Lake Tahoe, and if you contact me with your phone and email, I will get back to you with registration details and the specific location.  Cost is $99.

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