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Kitty tested….photographer approved

When photographers get together on a day off…..

There is almost always still an assortment of gear, mostly in the form of new stuff to play with.  It was no different when my friend and long time second shooter Johnny showed up to my house, bearing gifts.  He brought vegetables from his garden.  Nice.  He brought a drone  NICE!  (I’ve already put my order in with Santa).  He brought a Lunagrip light modifier sold by Westcott and Kevin Kubota…..TRIPLE NICE!

So of course you know we had to set it up, and the animals had to help.







Kitty under the reflectors, checking it out…and helping…of course.






Johnny setting it up….notice kitty emerging from under reflectors in the background.







Beautiful!  Not the best angle for this, and there are some shadows in Johnny’s face that could have been avoided, but you know he had to to have an excuse to get on the ground and love on my dog, who is an ancient old man and gets up only for food and walks and bio breaks.










Most beautiful light pattern EVER on his face!

I borrowed it from him.  I’m bringing it to my next wedding.  I may not ever give it back.   But I think he wants it….so I’ll just get my own…..

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