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I’m a Face of PPA!

faces of ppaI’ve been a Professional Photographers of America (PPA) member for a long time, and I am so grateful for that!  Being a member means I’ve been able to take advantage of their educational and degree programs.  For me, as an artist who sometimes struggles with self esteem issues, getting degrees like Photographic Craftsman and passing the Certified Professional Photographer exam meant I knew my stuff, and any feelings of low self worth as a photographer were simply inaccurate!

If you are a potential client reading this, what all this means to you is that I will be able to get awesome shots of your wedding, no matter what the lighting.  It means your family portrait will provide lasting value.  It means I know how to pose and I know how to light.  It means you have an iron clad guarantee that I will be able to do the job for you, no matter what!


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