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Even wedding chapel weddings are fun and an opportunity for great photos!

I’m a bit weird I guess, because I love weddings held in wedding chapels.  Well, I love weddings anywhere, and chapels are no exceptions.  There is plenty of opportunity to get creative in a wedding chapel!  Larry and Angele are a local couple who met through Larry’s oldest daughter.  I like to think things are going to go well when the couple is introduced through one of their children!

The ceremony was performed by Chapel of the Pines

The venue is the wedding chapel at Mont Bleu

After the ceremony we took photos of the greetings and congrats.  Then we got photos of the family, wedding partyand bride and groom.


We are one of the few photographers in the area who will do chapel weddings and still provide quality service, great lighting and posing.  If you are having an intimate wedding, check us out! 

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