Edgewood Weddings

Edgewood at Lake Tahoe is one of the most desired venues for a wedding in Lake Tahoe.  There’s a reason for it:  great views no matter what the weather, beaches, gardens and a wonderful facility.  Image Angels has been photographing weddings at Edgewood for over 20 years, and it just gets more and more beautiful!  And, their staff is unparalled for their professionalism, while their food is without a doubt the best.  You can’t go wrong when you choose Edgewood for your Lake Tahoe wedding!

I’ve learned a couple of things photographing weddings at Edgewood:

  1. Edgewood is beautiful, but it does have it’s challenges photographically.  Strong light from behind for the afternoon weddings and sometimes high winds are a couple of the most obvious challenges.  We are skilled and capable of handing these challenges and promise you that instead of faces with raccoon eyes and washed out backgrounds, you will get well lit faces with beautiful backgrounds!
  2. Because we’ve done weddings at Edgewood for over 20 years, we are knowledgeable about how things work there.   We know those family and wedding party portraits are important, but we also realize you want to enjoy your day with your guests and get to dinner as scheduled.  We are consistently able to work within Edgewood’s schedule and get those portraits done quickly and effortlessly!

Here is a selection of images from weddings at Edgewood:





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