Commercial Work

Some of these product shots were specifically produced to a graphic designer’s or client’s specifications, and some clients gave me very little direction at all, other than to “make it look good!”  The Tahoe Spice Works photos came with a request for an all white background, but because of the nature of the product and the logo, I saw a more natural theme so I did the white background as the client specified, and then did some shots as I envisioned.  I can do commercial work on location or at my office in Lake Tahoe.  Clients include Tahoe Spice Works, Aqualina Hardwood Floors, Thomas Dirkes, Pilates Studio, Getaway Cafe, Lakeside Inn, the Thunderbird Lodge and Eze-Lap.


  • James Krull - January 28, 2014 - 5:33 pm

    Hello. We are a General Contractor and are having photos done of all our 2013 projects. We did a Big 5 Sporting Goods in South Lake Tahoe and would like a quote on that photo. We typically get 3 front elevation shots to choose from in these scenarios. visit our web page for past years project photos.

    thanks in advance.

    James Krull

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