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Carson Valley weddings usually include horses…..

One of the things I love about the Carson Valley is the agriculture….specifically the horses.  I’m a horse girl.  I ride, I own a horse, I am privileged to know a lot of horses who know me and allow me to talk with them and have conversations with them.  So I was delighted when my friend and hairdresser Annette told me she planned on riding her horse up the aisle instead of walking.  She’s an awesome horse woman, one of the best, and her horse Toby is a good boy, so I knew this would be a great photo opportunity!

Annette and Dan got married at a private, historic home and ranch just outside of Genoa, Nevada, on a beautiful fall day.  Their wedding was intimate and special.  Shirley from Rose Petals provided all the flowers, including the garland for Toby.

Congratulations Annette and Dan!

Oh, and here’s one of me, getting a hug from Toby:


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