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Another successful family portrait!

I love doing family portraits!  Everything about them:  meeting everyone, watching the interplay between the various family members.  Lake Tahoe in the summer seems to be a magnet for family reunions, and this particular family came from Minnesota, Indiana and California to meet up for the 50th anniversary of their parents, in a beautiful vacation home in Tahoma on the beautiful West Shore of Lake Tahoe.  I met them at this home late one afternoon to do their portrait.  When I got there I discovered a nice lawn area with a dynamic view of the lake.  This would serve as Studio 1.  We did some photos there, different combinations of the family group.








Then we went down to the beach and did some more shots, making use of the pier and the beautifully lit boathouse in the background.








One of my favorite parts of a family portrait is what are called outtakes.  I think these are as great as the posed shots!  Sometimes they are of the family horsing around, but sometimes, like in this one, I thought the preparation for the final pose was as much fun as the pose itself.








I think this family had a wonderful time during their visit.  They had a special dinner catered by Exquisite Grill and since I’ve tasted their food before I know it was good!



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