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A little rain did not dampen the spirits at this wedding!

Venue:  Regan Beach and Blue Angel Cafe

Officiant:  Sharon Rusk

Music:  Avalanche Duo


Cameron’s mom called me a few days before the wedding to ask about the weather.  Asking about the weather is not uncommon.  Especially when the wedding and reception are both planned at an outdoor location, as this one was.  While I’ve never been able to accurately predict the weather in Lake Tahoe, it was looking from the reports like there was a good chance of rain on the wedding day.  Kathy, the bride’s mom, asked about alternatives.  After discussion and a little research and a conversation with Cameron, Kathy decided to leave the ceremony where it was at Regan Beach, and move the reception to the Blue Angel Cafe if necessary.

It was necessary.

It rained.  Hard.  What I loved about this group was that they showed up prepared:  with umbrellas and raincoats, and they did not let a little rain dampen their spirits.  We did the ceremony and the photos at the beach, then migrated to the Blue Angel for the reception.  And these people smiled every step of the way.  It was a pleasure to work with them!

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