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A first at Logan Shoals Vista Point!

Officiant:  Rev. Dr. Gil Linsley, Chapel of the Pines

Venues:  Logan Shoals Vista Point, Zephyr Cove


I’ve been doing weddings a long time.  So long, in fact, that I used to claim that a wedding couple couldn’t do anything that I hadn’t already seen before.  But I was delighted to be proved wrong by Amanda and Gordon.  We met at the ceremony site, Logan Shoals Vista Point, where I got to see one of Amanda’s guests get a blanket out of the trunk of the car and spread it out on the pavement in the parking area.  Sensing a photo opportunity (you think?!?!?!?) I maneuvered into position to get photos of……Amanda putting her wedding gown on in the parking lot!


This was a first for me, and I enjoyed it thoroughly!  I asked her how she came to be putting on her dress in a parking lot, and she explained that it made the most sense, given that she didn’t want to wear her dress on the drive up from Sparks.  I like that, logic in a bride.

Anyway, the wedding went off beautifully on a bluff overlooking Lake Tahoe, and then Amanda and Gordon and I migrated over to Zephyr Cove for some beach photos.

It was a wonderful day.  Thanks Amanda and Gordon!  Here are some other photos from that wedding:



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