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It’s a beautiful gray day outside today, perfect for doing portraits and taking wedding photos.

If you are planning your wedding or family portrait, and the day arrives bringing clouds, don’t panic!  It’s actually  much more ideal than a bright sunny day.  Bright sunny days create harsh shadows on faces and make people squint.  Not good.  If I have a wedding or a portrait on a bright sunny day, I’m either going to find a shady place to do the photos, or I’m going to block the sun.  Like this:



Logan Shoals Vista Point ©Image Angels

Once I block those harsh shadows, then I add some nice, flattering controlled light, with the umbrella you see on the right side of the photo.  It makes all the difference in the world:  a background that shows up (after all, isn’t that why you chose Lake Tahoe?), no raccoon eyes, and nice smiles.

But if it is a cloudy day, it makes my job a lot easier.  Clouds add drama and make colors pop.



Valhalla Lake Tahoe ©Image Angels


We would never have had the nice colors in the sky and water on the images above and below if it weren’t for the clouds.


Zephyr Cove Resort ©Image Angels


©Image Angels

I was out walking with this couple, totally not prepared to do a portrait of them, but the cloud cover was so nice, and they were wearing solid, complimentary colors, I couldn’t resist!  No supplemental lighting in this shot, so it is a perfect example of a rare situation when “available light” really is available and quite nice!

If the day of your wedding or portrait session arrives and it is cloudy out, don’t worry, you will still be able to get some gorgeous shots!

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