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Small wedding? Big wedding? It is all OK!

One of the things I like about weddings today is that they no longer have to conform to certain traditions.  I get to photograph weddings where it is just the couple (BONUS:  I get to sign as a witness on the wedding license!), as well as weddings with 100 or more people.  I get to photograph weddings at churches, golf resorts, mountain tops, and beaches, and I get to photograph weddings in boats, hot air balloons, on horses, skis and motorcycles.




Logan Shoals Vista Point


Today I get to photograph a wedding in a private home in Truckee, which is just over the hill from Lake Tahoe.  It is a small group, about 15 people, and the couple has teenaged children ranging in age from ten to 15.  I’ll be covering the ceremony with a combination of traditional photos as well as artsy, photo journalistic type images, and then I’ll be doing a set of traditional posed portraits of the bride and groom with their kids, parents and siblings.  We’ll do a lot of different combinations of these folks, and then I’ll finish up with some romantic and playful shots of the bride and groom.

If you are planning a wedding, you don’t have to have three attendants on each side (this couple has their mom and dad standing up for them), nor do you have to have a zillion people attend.  You can plan it your way!

I’ll be posting photos of today’s wedding later, but for now I’m off to take create some beautiful wedding photos!



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