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A spring like wedding on the beach….in winter!

It’s always a bit of a crap shoot with a beach wedding in the winter in Lake Tahoe.  You never know whether  you’ll get a big snow storm, gale force winds, or…the spring like weather that presented itself for Addie and Rick’s wedding at Zephyr Cove, at the north end of the beach.

My first clue that I was going to have fun with them came when Addie and I spoke on the phone.  We got along great and I had a lot of fun teasing her about “8 is enough” when I found out her blended family would include seven kids!  With two teenagers and the rest pre-teens!

My next  clue came when I got a text from her hairdresser that said, “Just did Addie.  She’s sweet and beautiful!”

As it turns out, it was just us at the wedding, I got to sign as a witness on their license, which is always one of my favorite things to do.  And I was fascinated with Rick’s full dress Army uniform, he sure has lots of buttons and ribbons and insignia on his uniform!

Rick and Addie needed very little prompting from me, and we had a ball frolicking on the beach and climbing rocks for photos.

And I got the ultimate thank you when it was all said and done:  when Addie first saw her photos, she sent me an email saying, “I love them  all!  I’m tearing up now.”

The venue for this wedding was Zephyr Cove, Rev. Dr. Gil Linsley from Chapel of the Pines did the ceremony,  and Addie’s hair was done by Annette of Annette’s Brides. \

Here are some of the photos:


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