I’m just lucky I guess, that I get to photograph a lot of what they call “intimate” weddings. Some of these weddings were truly intimate, we had to sign as witness on the wedding license because there were no guests. All of these weddings had one thing in common: they wanted to get married, they wanted awesome photos, and they did not want a big to do. Here’s a sample from some of those weddings.

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I know you are busy with the holidays. But did you know that as soon as Christmas and New Year’s are done, wedding vendors are going to get flooded with calls? According to surveys, 66% of all wedding couples get engaged during the time between December 23 and New Year’s Day. With an estimated 2.3 million couples getting married every year, that boils down to 1,518,000 couples getting engaged very soon. Here in Northern Nevada, according to the County Clerks that issue wedding licenses, in 2018 there were 6,750 wedding licenses sold in Washoe County and Douglas County issued 4,079 in 2017 (figures not available for 2018). In El Dorado County, which is where most Lake Tahoe weddings happen, they issued 3,076 wedding licenses. That’s almost 14,000 weddings just in this area alone. This area meaning South Lake Tahoe both the California and Nevada sides, Reno, Carson City and the Carson Valley.  That means you and 13,999 other couples will be searching for vendors in this area in early 2019. Simply put, after the first of the year, our phone will be ringing off the hook and our email box flooded with brides wanting information. The earlier you call and secure your reservations, the more choices you will have. Call us now to check out our services and packages! 530-906-9336 We service the entire Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley and Reno areas.

Another aspect to consider is that you have many more choices now that you did before.  Back in the heydey of weddings in this area, those wedding numbers were triple what they are now.  And there were fewer vendors to service all those weddings.  Now, you have at least three times as many  photographers, wedding officiants, hair dressers and makeup artists, florists and bakers to choose from. Those kinds of numbers mean you have lots of choices, but they also mean things might get a bit confusing for you.

Let me try and simplify things a bit.  When you contact these folks you are likely to get prices all over the map. For example, I’ve seen wedding officiant prices range from $50 to $500.  There are many things to consider besides price, and I’ve always said that while honoring budgets is a good thing, sometimes those budgets were not realistically set.  I think price should be the third thing to consider when hiring a wedding professional.

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Want to do photos in the snow?  No problem!  It’s fun!  Just remember to wear your long johns.  Here are a few snow photos we captured.  These are all of snowy weddings, but we will do a portrait in the snow too!

I love doing family portraits for a number of reasons.  Perhaps the most important one is that I love people!  And with families, at least the ones I have the pleasure of photographing, I love watching the family unit together.  They play, laugh, and just generally enjoy one another’s company.

Sometimes members of the family are contemplative:






Sometimes they are playful:







Sometimes chaotic:








But we still manage to get some nice portraits that will last a lifetime for them, preserving those memories for years to come.



















If you are curious about the location of this session, it is a private area in South Lake Tahoe.  I loved the fall colors we had for our backdrop!




I always enjoy photographing weddings at David Walley’s Resort, it is beautiful no matter what time of day, no matter what time of year.  Randy and Gail wanted things done a bit differently at their wedding and we, as well as the excellent staff at Walley’s, were happy to accomodate them.  Usually weddings are held on the grassy area just south of the buildings, or in the gazebo, but Randy and Gail wanted theirs in the area just below the deli, across the water from the gazebo.  The space was perfect for their intimate group.







They showed up a bit late for their wedding and it was late dusk when the ceremony was held, but I’m still happy with the photos.







Here’s a few of the bride and groom, along with one of the entire group.










Congratulations Randy and Gail!

Venue:  Walley’s Hot Springs Resort

Officiant:  Chapel of the Pines

Hair and Makeup:  Tahoe Wedding Salon

Photography:  Image Angels