I admit it:  I love doing intimate weddings.  Not all photographers do, but I do.  What’s not to like?  I get to interact with these couples on levels that are not possible with the bigger weddings, and consequently, I get to help create, and then capture, some really special moments.

I knew Gordon was special when we spoke over the phone.  What I didn’t know was just how special.  He’s HUGE!  At least in my book  he is.  I’m 5’1″ on a good day.  Gordon told me he was 6’4″.  He reminded me of John Wayne.  I don’t know how powerful a presence John Wayne was in person, but on the screen he was powerful.   Gordon was like that, and I soon found he had a sense of humor too, and a love for his new bride, Sairie, that showed in his attentiveness to her.  It was a joy to photograph this couple!


Venue:  Logan Shoals Vista Point

Officiant:  Chapel of the Pines

Ceremony photography by Sarah Morey, working for Image Angels, portraits by Karen Linsley

Daniella and Fernando had been together for almost ten years when they called and said they wanted to get married on their tenth anniversary.  Working in partnership with Chapel of the Pines, we were able to get some great photographs!  Congratulations!

Daniella and Fernando got married at Logan Shoals Vista Point, ceremony photography is by Image Angels photographer Sarah Morey, portraits by Karen Linsley, ceremony by Chapel of the Pines.

Using the selfie function to put on earrings!

It is always beautiful on the point but this evening was particularly beautiful.

Solemn guest.

Elizabeth and Marc got married on a beautiful snowy day on a bluff overlooking Lake Tahoe.  I was a bit worried as the day approached and it became clear that chances were good it would be snowing for the wedding.  I contacted Elizabeth, who said she didn’t care what the weather was, she knew it was going to be perfect!  And perfect it was!  It was just the two of them, with me, my second photographer and a videographer as the witnesses. They showed up and we proceeded to play in the snow!  We couldn’t see the lake, but it was still beautiful out, and Elizabeth and Marc had a great time.

Venue:  Logan Shoals Vista Point

Officiant: Chapel of the Pines

Photography:  Image Angels Photography Services, with Pete Rezac, M.Photog.Cr., CPP and Karen Linsley, Photog. Cr., CPP

Video:  Go West Photo

Hair and Makeup:  Tahoe Wedding Salon

Showing the groom how to pose!

I have some long term clients and am always very grateful and honored that they keep returning to me to document important events in their lives.  While I usually get to photograph the entire family, this time I got to spend some time with one of the granddaughters in this family, doing her high school senior portrait.  We had fun, and I was so grateful they did not reschedule their session due to the weather!  We met in Genoa, Nevada to do her session.

Meet Kirsten:

Anatomy of a commissioned portrait. So…my husband commissioned me to do a portrait of him for a tattoo he wanted. He had a pretty specific vision in mind for it, which of course didn’t match my vision….LOL! So….he good naturedly posed for me to do my thing, then I created what he asked for. Everyone is happy, including the tattoo artist…the incomparable Christine Stark Gibson, who works out of Red Handed Tattoo in Carson City.